Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lights Festival on Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Earlier today my mom and I drove into Chicago to meet our friend Wendy.  She lives in Chicago and knows how to get to all the fun places.  She took us downtown to the Lights Festival...

We got to see a concert, a a couple of free Cuties (clementines--they are super yummy), I got to make a snowman out of marshallows from Whole Foods, much fun stuff and it was all free--which my mom says is really important right now. 

One of our favorites parts was accidentally catching the Holiday Train-- my mom and I had never heard of it.  We were waiting for the train to come and I was looking down the tracks.  I told my mom and Wendy that I thought a medical train was coming because the lights were different colors and it looked like there were lots of lights.  I had no idea it was the CTA Redline Holiday Train.  What a treat!

The best part of all was getting to meet Ralph Covert (right).  He is a great musician.  We have loved his music for years.  I must admit.  I didn't really know it was him.  We listen to him, so much more than I see him... but, he autographed a bookmark for me and when I saw the pictures on the bookmark I knew EXACTLY who it was and started singing one of my favorite songs of his.... well, I was going to have my mom post a link here, but we were having trouble picking just one.  We will make another post about Ralph's World til then, feel free to check out his website: there's lots of music to listen to there... try to pick a favorite, I dare ya.. it's really, really hard.

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