Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tell me about your day...

[This entry is from mom.]                     

Each evening at bedtime, I talk with Tanner about his day.  There are 3 questions I ask every night. 

1.  What was the WORST part of your day?
2.  What was the BEST part of your day?
3.  What are you MOST THANKFUL for today?

Today, he didn't have a worst part (which happens more than you would think).  I tend to ask a few more times:  Well, what was your least favorite part of the day... tell me about something you would have liked to have happened differently...etc.  I think it's important to confront the bad stuff, deal with it and move forward. 

To the Best and Most Thankful parts.... they almost always surprise me.  We parents think we know what our children find most important, but these little conversations have taught me so much about what really impresses Tanner, what means the most to him.... it's not new toys, tv shows, etc.  I believe most children would have similar answers. It's important to give them a chance to express themselves.

Today Tanner's best part of his day was getting to play in the snow with his friends at school, again afterschool at G'ma and G'pa's and again, at home with mommy.  He was thankful to have warm clothes that made it possible for him to play in the snow for so long.

The final part of our nightly ritual is prayers and praises... today I took the lead.... I praised God for giving me an incredible little boy that reminds me how to enjoy life, especially on the days when I forget.  We prayed for all the people who have to travel in this weather; to please keep them warm and get them where they need to be safely.

Here's our snow versions of us:

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