Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning on a SNOW DAY!

Snow, snow, snow and more snow.  It's got to be my most favorite part of this season.  That's all I need for an excellent day.  Throw in a friend and it's fun with no end.  Well, until mom tells us it's time for him to go home.  I put in a full day playing in the snow.  Building forts, sledding- and repeat and repeat and repeat.


My mom and I went to enjoy another one of the best parts of this season (other than snow). Time with friends-- cooking!

Or in this case, learning to cook.  It was an extra special treat that Maureen would teach us how to make something that is a tradition for her to make every year.

All of Maureen's friends and family look forward to receiving her was English Toffee.  Yummy!  It was really fun to hang out with everyone and take turns stirring, while telling stories, sharing memories... while making some too.

ALL IN ALL.... Really great day!  :)

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