Sunday, December 6, 2009

The World is just AWESOME!

One of my favorite channels is Discovery-- from Cash Cabs and Dirty Jobs to Mythbusters, Smash Lab and Time Warp and don't forget When We Left the Earth... all of it!  So, everytime this commercial came on I wanted her to see it... that finally happen tonight and she liked it (or like that I like it) so much, she went and found it on YouTube and now I want to share it with you... cause I know you will love it too!

(If you double-click the picture, it will take you to the youtube page and it's bigger there!)


  1. Hi Tanner and Aimee,

    I am guessing that my daughter will want to join the conversation, good ideas. Mike

  2. That would be excellent... that is our goal. To share ideas with other children and their parents.... and hopefully, they (you) will share some in return. Love it! How old is your daughter.

    Aimee (Tanner's mom)

  3. Very cool little buddy, and great job Aimee!!