Friday, January 1, 2010


Today a post from Tanner's mom.

Tanner has been at his dad's for almost a week.  That doesn't explain why we haven't posted since the 16th... but, then again maybe it does... We've been sneaking in all kinds of Christmas fun. I miss him ALOT! 

I never wanted my child to have his parents in two different places.  It's simply not the way it's suppose to be.  It certainly does happen, but I wish it didn't have to.... I wish it for all sorts of reasons..... I wish children didn't have to have parents serving our country so far away from home, I wish parents didn't pass away, I certainly wish parents would take their role more seriously and love eachother enough to stay together but, wishes don't always come true, at least not always in the way you wish them to.

Sometimes, you need to look at something a little different, a new perspective and in another light.  One of my favorite websites to look at to help me do just that is StoryPeople.  For some reason, their website isn't cooperating with me today.  They started doing animation, I thought I would share one of those.  Enjoy it.  Whne you have some time, GOOGLE Storypeople and check out their website.  I think you will like it.

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