Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

Well, this boy doesn't have a dog.  Or a fish, or a hamster... but, maybe I will get to get a turtle. 

Until then, we are lucky to have lots of friends with dogs.  Part of the reason, well probably all of the reason we don't have a dog is because they are a big responsibility.  At least that is what my mom tells me.

Last weekend, Harry got to stay with us.  Here is a picture of Harry and I:

He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he's super fun.  He likes to sleep on my head.  Well, he used to... he didn't really do that this visit.   This weekend we get to watch a Shih-Tzu named Farley and beagle named Barley.  Should be interesting.

The hardest part about dogsitting in the winter time is taking them outside to do their "business".  The grossest thing is having to clean it up.  Thank goodness for plastic bags.  I wish someone would remind our neighbors.... I don't want to clean-up after their dog.  It's Chocolate Lab.  The size of their "business" matches the size of the dog.  Well, not matches... but, you get the idea.

Usually, watching a dog for the weekend reminds me of how much care and love animals need.  While I have lots of love to give.  I tend to stay very busy and I kinda like it.  That might not be fair to my dog. So, for now I am glad to help my friends and neighbors with their furry little ones.

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  1. And you do a great job too. Thank you so much Tanner for providing a fun place to go when her mommy (me!) needs to get away sometimes!