Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foil, Paper and Paste. Oh My!

This is a Valentine's Day box that I made with my mom and dad when I was just a kid.  Hehe.  My mom always gets the biggest chuckle when I say that.  I don't think I had started school yet when we made it.  It's a cardboard box--crafted into the top part, a paper towel roll as the stand (stuffed with something to make it sturdier) and a candy box filled with sand and wrapped with foil as the base.

My dad made the structure-- with my help, of course.
My mom decorated it-- with my help, of course.

We've made lots of boxes since then, but this one is the best.

Do you have any favorite Valentine's? 

We would love to hear about them or even better-- send us some! 
Email my mom for our mailing address.

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