Monday, February 8, 2010

Gettin' out of the house....

Evidently, mom didn't realize how important it is for kids like me to get out of the house.  She likes to stay home every once in awhile.  Apparently, we haven't done that in a really long while.  This evening when we had to miss the SuperBowl Party we were suppose to go to I handled it very well.  A little while later, you know, closer to bedtime.  I discovered it was more important to me than I had thought.

I told mom it's important for me to go places because it helps me grow.  She wanted me to explain.

Going different places is important to me because I learn new things when I go places.  It's what makes life great.

(This is a picture of me climbling up to get some of my lego creations down.  I was very, very careful.)

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