Monday, May 24, 2010

And then there was Chess......
Our adventures have now taken us into the wonderful world of Chess.  There is no way one could have ever predicted that I would (this T's mom) spend an entire day watching a Chess Tournament. 

As all parents know, there are many things we find ourselves doing or saying that we could have never predicted.  I am still amazed that T likes tomato soup or even that he ever got an opportunity to try it.  I''m just glad he did. 

It's fantastic when our children share our interests, but there is a strong statement being made when children are allowed to learn and find joy in something that they love all on their own-- with minimal influence (aka pushing) from mom and dad.  I like to think this makes him a strong independent thinker-- and hopefully a little less susceptible to peer pressure when he faces it.
Thanks to the folks at Rockford Chess Club for all of their time, effort and energy to organize this event for the kids.  I think great fun was had by all and about the same took prizes home.  This is the proof of my happy child who got to participate and learn about friendly competition. 

He lost his first few games, but had a chance to enjoy a few wins as well.

An extra special thanks to Miss Julie for creating the after school club for these children to enjoy a common interst. 
And we can't forget Mr. Palmer for creating the art for the team's t-shirts!

My New Old Bike

T went to an auction with his grandma and grandpa and came home with this fantastic old bike.  He just loves it.  He shined it all up and rides it around proudly.  You just can't help but giggle when you see him on this bike with his new bike helmet. 

My favorite part is what he said to me about riding it. 

"Hey mom, you would be amazed at all the old people who wave and smile at me when I ride this bike.  I think it's because my bike makes them remember riding bikes when they were young."

Don't ever forget what it was like to be young.  Then, take a moment to smile and wave when you see a little one enjoying one of those moments.