Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Next time I go I will have to take more pictures... but, I love OCTANE.  It's a restaurant in downtown Rockford.  My mom and I try to go once a month-- that's what she says... I think it's more often.

They have a daily special flavor of tea.  The day we went it was Apricot Plum and it was delicious.

My current favorite meal is Seafood Cavatappi.  I learned that is just a fancy way to say curly pasta. 

My mom loves the Cafe Mocha and Mocambo Salad-- with chicken... here's she is with the Mocha:

I say it's as big as her face.... she says it's just enough to give her the energy to keep up with me. 

Either way the place makes both of us smile... especially, if we get our seat by the window and our cool waiter Brian.... so, we'll be back.  Hope to see you there sometime.  :)

Finishing Touches....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Time to Carve the Pumpkin....

My dad and I have a long history of creating some rather fantastic jack-o-lanterns-- About 10 years.

 I was only 14 days old when my dad created this:

It may be hard to read, it says Happy 1st Halloween Tanner Joseph

A few years later, when one of my favorite phrases was Backpack! Backpack!  He made one look just like the face on Backpack from Dora the Explorer.

We've made many pumpkins since then, but what I really wanted to share today is our latest creation.

First, you have to clean out the inside:
Then, draw the design you want on the pumpkin:
You should be able to see it clearly when you are finished:
Next, start carving.  Decide it you want to leave some of the skin or carve it out completely:
When you like it, it's done:
Time to test it:

We all live in a yellow submarine!


You read it correctly.  It does say Birthday week.  My mom lets me celebrate all week.  I get to do things like decide what we have for dinner, choose the songs on the radio and ride the bus a little as possible this week.

We kicked off birthday week with a fall celebration out at Lockwood Park--

There was lots to do.  Everyone brings a batch of their best chili.  We could make s'mores, create a pumpkin, giant soccer and we even got to play the
Hanging Cinnamon Donut game...
We even got a surprise visit from one of the animals that live at Lockwood Park.
There was a spot where all of our guest could write a message and share a wish with me.
 The best part was getting friends and family together to enjoy a great day at the park....
 The fire to make s'mores on was pretty cool too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FINALLY! My first pair of cowboy boots....

My 1st Cowboy Boot-- yes, we got two.  :)
Mom says I've been asking for cowboy boots since I could talk.  My mom has been saying no for nearly a decade.  Sounds like I am exaggerating you say.  Well, maybe a little I haven't been talking since birth, but I'm going to be ten in nine days and tonight I got my first pair of cowboy boots. 

Part of my mom's hesitation to getting me cowboy boots is that they are expensive-- that's what she tells me.  We found these at a local resale type shop called ShareStuff.  It's run by Heartland Church and the money they raise gets put toward remodeling our public schools. 

So, in addition to be completely THRILLED that I finally got the cowboy boots I've always wanted... We can feel good about the $3 we spent because it will go toward something great for our community.  Everybody wins-- including the environment because purchasing items from resale shops is a form of recycling. 

I must admit these are some rather incredible boots-- don't cha think?!  :)