Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FINALLY! My first pair of cowboy boots....

My 1st Cowboy Boot-- yes, we got two.  :)
Mom says I've been asking for cowboy boots since I could talk.  My mom has been saying no for nearly a decade.  Sounds like I am exaggerating you say.  Well, maybe a little I haven't been talking since birth, but I'm going to be ten in nine days and tonight I got my first pair of cowboy boots. 

Part of my mom's hesitation to getting me cowboy boots is that they are expensive-- that's what she tells me.  We found these at a local resale type shop called ShareStuff.  It's run by Heartland Church and the money they raise gets put toward remodeling our public schools. 

So, in addition to be completely THRILLED that I finally got the cowboy boots I've always wanted... We can feel good about the $3 we spent because it will go toward something great for our community.  Everybody wins-- including the environment because purchasing items from resale shops is a form of recycling. 

I must admit these are some rather incredible boots-- don't cha think?!  :)

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