Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Time to Carve the Pumpkin....

My dad and I have a long history of creating some rather fantastic jack-o-lanterns-- About 10 years.

 I was only 14 days old when my dad created this:

It may be hard to read, it says Happy 1st Halloween Tanner Joseph

A few years later, when one of my favorite phrases was Backpack! Backpack!  He made one look just like the face on Backpack from Dora the Explorer.

We've made many pumpkins since then, but what I really wanted to share today is our latest creation.

First, you have to clean out the inside:
Then, draw the design you want on the pumpkin:
You should be able to see it clearly when you are finished:
Next, start carving.  Decide it you want to leave some of the skin or carve it out completely:
When you like it, it's done:
Time to test it:

We all live in a yellow submarine!

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