Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Next time I go I will have to take more pictures... but, I love OCTANE.  It's a restaurant in downtown Rockford.  My mom and I try to go once a month-- that's what she says... I think it's more often.

They have a daily special flavor of tea.  The day we went it was Apricot Plum and it was delicious.

My current favorite meal is Seafood Cavatappi.  I learned that is just a fancy way to say curly pasta. 

My mom loves the Cafe Mocha and Mocambo Salad-- with chicken... here's she is with the Mocha:

I say it's as big as her face.... she says it's just enough to give her the energy to keep up with me. 

Either way the place makes both of us smile... especially, if we get our seat by the window and our cool waiter Brian.... so, we'll be back.  Hope to see you there sometime.  :)

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