Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take the Time....

To enjoy the little things....   (FYI-- Mom Post)

Tanner wakes  up ready to go with a smile on his face and ready for whatever the day has in store.  I am sure he would eat breakfast, if I woke up before I walked him to the bus.... but, that doesn't usually happen.  Much of the morning is me listening to him noticing all the beautiful things he see on own walk each day.

One morning, we did manage to get up early--really early.   Instead of cooking I took him to someplace that I grew up only a few blocks from...but, had NEVER been to--believe it or not.  So, we went.  

I woke up.  Thanks to a classic cup of java.

                                            Tanner and I enjoyed one of favorite games:

All in all... it was a really excellent morning.  I highly recommend waking up early-- every once in awhile.  ;)

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