Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foil, Paper and Paste. Oh My!

This is a Valentine's Day box that I made with my mom and dad when I was just a kid.  Hehe.  My mom always gets the biggest chuckle when I say that.  I don't think I had started school yet when we made it.  It's a cardboard box--crafted into the top part, a paper towel roll as the stand (stuffed with something to make it sturdier) and a candy box filled with sand and wrapped with foil as the base.

My dad made the structure-- with my help, of course.
My mom decorated it-- with my help, of course.

We've made lots of boxes since then, but this one is the best.

Do you have any favorite Valentine's? 

We would love to hear about them or even better-- send us some! 
Email my mom for our mailing address.

Make every bite count...

People tell that I eat weird.  Strange part is my mom says I am a healthy eater.  I like things like peanut butter and honey sandwiches, plain greek yogurt with vanilla extract and frozen berries and vegetables, yes veggies are good.  I don't think I eat different than other kids.  Well, maybe.  It's not because I'm all that different.  I was just willing to try new stuff and when I did.  I liked 'em.  It's the no yuck rule.  You can't say yuck if you've never tried it.  We just have to try one bite, then if we don't like it we don't have to eat it.  It just has to be a real bite.  Not a baby one.

The picture on the top right is a honey heart.  It was left over from one of the honey and peanut butter sandwiches. 

The picture on the left is of the turkey roll-ups I have in my lunch tomorrow.  It's slices of turkey from the deli-- 2 work fine with a little bit of cottage cheese and we roll them up.  You can eat them kinda like a taco.They are super yummy.  Try 'em. 

Remember, you don't know if it's yucky until you try.... I double-dog dare ya.  :)
A note from mom:  Tanner has also used my rule on me moms and dads.  Sometimes, it's worth a try even if you've tried it in the past and not liked it.  Not only does it set a good example... you might re-discover some yummy stuff you once thought was yucky. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gettin' out of the house....

Evidently, mom didn't realize how important it is for kids like me to get out of the house.  She likes to stay home every once in awhile.  Apparently, we haven't done that in a really long while.  This evening when we had to miss the SuperBowl Party we were suppose to go to I handled it very well.  A little while later, you know, closer to bedtime.  I discovered it was more important to me than I had thought.

I told mom it's important for me to go places because it helps me grow.  She wanted me to explain.

Going different places is important to me because I learn new things when I go places.  It's what makes life great.

(This is a picture of me climbling up to get some of my lego creations down.  I was very, very careful.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lifelong Learning starts with Discovery

Yeah, you guessed it.  Mom came up with that title.

We spend a lot of time at the Discovery Center.  It's a great place.  In addition to all the usual fun stuff they have like legos, pulleys, the crane, the airplane simulator... just to name a few. They are always doing super excellent special events.  This past weekend they took us to Hawaii.  Not literally of course.... but, if you use your imagination.  That's the best part how much we get to use our imagination. 
We made stuff ERUPT.  Using a combination of regular stuff... we made it ERUPT!  I could have done that all day... but, there were lots of other fun things to do.  Like play in fake lava, learn to hula dance and even a scavenger hunt.  If you live in Rockford be sure to check out their website for the next super fun day.  Which at the Discovery Center... is every day they are open!

Note from mom:  In July of this year, we got an annual pass.  I believe it was $60.  You can't beat that price.  We can go whenever we want... it doesn't matter if we have an hour or all day.  If you can't afford a membership they offer pay-what-you-can days.  I believe that is Thursday-- every week!  There are special areas for toddlers.  I tend to bring a book or magazine and just move from section to section with the kids.  However, I don't usually get too much read, because I like to join in on the fun.

The Green Envelope

My mom likes to use colored envelopes when she sends information, especially when it includes money to school.  It helps me remember to turn it and not get lost in between other papers in my backpack.

I don't think it's any big secret that I have to take money to school sometimes, so I think it's okay to share our idea here. 

A Boy and His Dog

Well, this boy doesn't have a dog.  Or a fish, or a hamster... but, maybe I will get to get a turtle. 

Until then, we are lucky to have lots of friends with dogs.  Part of the reason, well probably all of the reason we don't have a dog is because they are a big responsibility.  At least that is what my mom tells me.

Last weekend, Harry got to stay with us.  Here is a picture of Harry and I:

He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he's super fun.  He likes to sleep on my head.  Well, he used to... he didn't really do that this visit.   This weekend we get to watch a Shih-Tzu named Farley and beagle named Barley.  Should be interesting.

The hardest part about dogsitting in the winter time is taking them outside to do their "business".  The grossest thing is having to clean it up.  Thank goodness for plastic bags.  I wish someone would remind our neighbors.... I don't want to clean-up after their dog.  It's Chocolate Lab.  The size of their "business" matches the size of the dog.  Well, not matches... but, you get the idea.

Usually, watching a dog for the weekend reminds me of how much care and love animals need.  While I have lots of love to give.  I tend to stay very busy and I kinda like it.  That might not be fair to my dog. So, for now I am glad to help my friends and neighbors with their furry little ones.