Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thankfulness Song from VeggieTales

Share Thankfulness Song by VeggieTales

Be Thankful... Every day.

I know today-- Thanksgiving-- is the day that we stop and take the time to say thanks.

We like to think we do it a little more often than that... and if we aren't, I would encourage you to try it.

Most of all I am thankful that life is made up of moments.  Smiles, giggles, kisses, tears... simple moments.

Take time and enjoy them all, and if you are lucky enough you grab a few photographs that's great too.

Just don't get so caught up in getting the picture that you miss the moment.

Love you.  Thank you for spending another year with us.


Yes.  You read it correctly.  The Tower of Toilet Paper.

As, you probably know by now my mom likes to take me to all kinds of stuff.  This particular morning, our local Chamber of Commerce and their original networking groups (one of my favorites, seriously) was collecting toilet paper for the Rockford Rescue Mission.  Apparently they go through like 1300 rolls of toilet paper or something crazy like that-- A WEEK.  So, each year they hold this drive to see how many rolls of toilet paper they can collect.  We had to check it out.  They served a really yummy breakfast, grown-ups chat with one another-- and me since I was there... and all for a good cause.  I like it.  Plus, how often do you get to stand next to a stack of toilet paper that is taller than you.  You must take a picture of something like that.
Or two.  :)

Take the Time....

To enjoy the little things....   (FYI-- Mom Post)

Tanner wakes  up ready to go with a smile on his face and ready for whatever the day has in store.  I am sure he would eat breakfast, if I woke up before I walked him to the bus.... but, that doesn't usually happen.  Much of the morning is me listening to him noticing all the beautiful things he see on own walk each day.

One morning, we did manage to get up early--really early.   Instead of cooking I took him to someplace that I grew up only a few blocks from...but, had NEVER been to--believe it or not.  So, we went.  

I woke up.  Thanks to a classic cup of java.

                                            Tanner and I enjoyed one of favorite games:

All in all... it was a really excellent morning.  I highly recommend waking up early-- every once in awhile.  ;)

Discover THIS: Grossology-- Overnight!

October 30, 2010

We stayed overnight at the Discovery Center and got to visit the Grossology exhibit.... and visit the Burpee Museum.

It was a very exciting evening.  There was so much to do-- the time goes by so fast.  You have the whole place to yourself practically.  I think there were only like 35 people there total... and some of those were grown-ups.  We really enjoyed checking out all of the Grossology exhibits. (Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.)

Sleeping over at the Museum was fun too.  We got to select our own spot to sleep.  Within a few rules... no sleeping in or on any of the attractions.  Otherwise, I would have totally slept in the tractor.  Instead, we just slept really close:
As you can tell, we had a lovely view.  Hehe. 
(Mom's Note:  Parents definitely bring something to sleep on whether is be a cot or air mattress, anything other than the floor of the museum would be better... and if you bring an air mattress be sure to test the air pump BEFORE you need to use it at the museum.)

The Discovery Center is always fun, but if you get the chance to go to a sleep over... it is so much fun.  You get to do stuff like this... that you would never get to do when the museum is busy: