Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Back to School Time

I love school.  Don't get me wrong, summer has been fun and all... but, it's back to school time and that means new school supplies and getting back in the classroom doing art projects, learning about history, seeing friends you haven't seen in awhile... and probably some math homework--that's the part I could totally live without.

I'm a 5th grader this year... It's kind of exciting, but there aren't any major changes for me this year.  Same school, same teacher, just new supplies.  I might even use the same back pack-- it's still in good shape.

School supplies can be expensive, so only buying the stuff we actually need helps my mom not stress out so much.  Besides is anyone really going to notice if I have a new back pack or not other than me.  Not to mention, I think not getting a new back pack will leave me a better chance at the getting the new gym shoes I want.  I found this really cool website where I can custom design my own shoes... and they even put my name on the back:  http://www.reebok.com/US/custom-shoes/kids/listing?f.ProductId=35  Super Cool!

Mom's Note:  Ah yes, I am glad he's excited about going back to school..  I can tell he's growing up. Not sure he's ever cared so much about what shoes he will be wearing.  He has wanted those for a little over a year now though, so, I suppose he has been patient enough.  I think we spend close to $250 on Back to School supplies and fees.  How much do you spend on Back to School?  What tips would you give families to help them save money?

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