Friday, August 5, 2011

The Importance of Horsin' Around

What is it that the grown-ups say?  "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."  I can't tell you who said it, but I do know they were right.

This summer has been a lot of following adults around doing what they need to do, but that all changed this week.  I got to go to Horse Riding Camp at Lockwood Park!

It was incredible.  Horses are so cool.  It would be hard to tell you all the reasons why I loved it so much.  It's really one of those things that I hope you just get to try some day.
I highly recommend it.  One of my favorite parts was grooming my horse and giving him an apple when we were all done.

On the right is a picture of me with my horse, Justin.

Mom's Note:  This was one of the more expensive camps we have ever had T attend.  However, he loved every minute of it--even cleaning up the poop-- so, as any parent would admit that makes it well worth the cost (the loving it, not the poop).  This is something T has asked to do for at least a couple of years now.  Just before summer started, I had him read through the different camp catalogs and make a wish list of the ones he wanted to attend.  This summer we were on a limited budget and only sent him to this camp.  He was very patient all summer doing everything we "needed" him to do, so in a way he earned his way to camp.  Plus, I think working with the animals, the long day at camp and being focused on something somewhat serious was a good primer for preparing him to return to school in a few weeks.

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