Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wheels, wheels and more wheels.

From Mom:
I will never forget the day Tanner was staring at this little girl in a wheel chair.  He couldn't have been more than three and she was a little bit older.  I gathered from her return look that she did not understand that he was staring at her out of complete awe.  He didn't feel badly for her, he wanted to know why he couldn't travel around the world in a chair with wheels.  He was equally as enamored with senior citizens using walkers with wheels or scooters.  I am still surprised "wheels" wasn't his first word.

The trend continued.  Anything with wheels will captivate him.  He collects matchbox cars, old peddle cars, old-fashioned bicycles.....if it has wheels he wants it.

Big Wheels.

Wheels that don't really go anywhere.

So far, it hasn't been an overly expensive hobby.  We can either just visit places with lots of wheels to look at or we get most of his finds at garage sales and auctions.

Until this past Sunday, when he was introduced to this little MG.  Don't get me wrong, I love it too.  I'm just not sure how well I believe the owner when he told us that they aren't expensive, they are easy to work on and the parts are readily available.  I think it may depend on the individual perspective.

I'm in trouble though... because that is quite a smile:

Good thing I have a few years to save before he turns 16 and starts driving.

Is this a boy thing?  I'm not sure, and I doubt I ever will know... but, no thing is for sure when it comes to wheels there will always be some that we want... and some people who wish they didn't have to use them.  Whether it's the little girl in the wheelchair who wishes she could walk like Tanner was that day or the truck driver that would rather be home with his family.  So, wheels are everything to all people.  

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