Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My mom and I recently moved from our hometown (where we both have lived our entire lives, hers longer than mine, of course)... to a new city about an hour from our hometown.

The new city is still kind of weird.  Well, maybe not weird, but certainly different.  I didn't go too many places on my own, so it's not the same experience for me as it is for my mom.  Moving to a new place can be hard.  It is exciting.  There are lots of new places to check out.  It's like every day is a new adventure.  I will start my new school after Christmas break.  In the mean time, we are finding ways of sharing our old hometown with our new one.  Today's adventure was picking up some Mrs. Fisher's chips in our old hometown and sharing them with the folks in the new city.

Can't wait to tell you what they thought of the chips?

What would you share with someone you met with wasn't from your hometown?

What tips do you have for me about starting a new school?

Giving Thanks.....

I'm not going to say much today.  Just a reminder to give thanks, to God and to each other.  Be kind to one another, it makes the day better.  It can be that simple.