Sunday, June 17, 2012

Off to Camp I go....

My first week away with no one from my own family.  Unless, you count my new boy scout family.  There are over 100 of us going throughout the next two weeks when you count the adults.  We will be at Camp Frontier in Ohio.  The drive is 4 hours... on a bus with a whole bunch of guys.  Should be interesting.

Mom says my back pack is too big.             What do you think?               I'm glad I don't have to keep it on the seat with me.


Friday, June 1, 2012

What do Monkey Farts smell like?

Monkey Farts

I helped make Soy Candles... or something like that.  I still need to get my training done when I pick up my sales kit... get your orders in FAST.

They smell great and have funny, creative names. Like the title of this post:  Monkey Farts is name of one of their scents.  I don't know what monkey farts smell like and I'm okay with never finding out--but, this candle smells good.  I even found some soap that has the same smell...hey, you gotta take a shower, you might as well like what is smells like.  I'm not quite an Old Spice guy yet....even if this guy is hilarious.