Thursday, September 27, 2012

Charlie Chaplin: One of my favorites

Ryder Cup 2012 are you ready?


These handsome gentlemen will be checking out the
Ryder Cup today.

It's a practice day with the Opening Ceremony at 4 p.m.

Can't wait to hear the stories....

They should be pretty funny with this bunch. 
I promise to share.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are selling it all.....

 It's true.  Selling all our stuff and heading south for the winter.  I have a ton of stuff.  I am saving the money I make for the sale to go to Boy Scout Jamboree in July 2013.  It feels weird and good to sell all my stuff.  It's weird because I got it because I wanted it and I do like it all.  It's good because I get to let it go to someone else who might like it even more than I do.

If you were getting rid of EVERYTHING... what are 3 things you know you would want to keep?
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of 6th Grade

 Yeppers.  6th Grade.  I am officially one of the "big kids". 

My shirt says "Always a Good Day".... it's my version of putting your best foot forward.  If I think it's going to be a good day-- it is going to be a good day.

Tell ya more about it later.....
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